St Johns Road, Eastham, Wirral

This is a proposal for a Loft Conversion on a semi-detached property in Eastham. The property is set on a long road of similar properties built around the mid 1930’s, a large number of which have already added dormers and other roof alterations to the existing properties.

The other half of the property already had a loft conversion. The proposed conversion would seek to balance the appearance of the properties by mirroring the existing construction.

This was not a view shared by the Planning Dept., who regarded the proposal as ‘unsympathetic and alien to the design of the original dwelling’ and ‘would appear incongruous in the street scene and would detract from visual amenity’ and for those reasons refused Planning Permission for the conversion.

A copy of the Planning Departments refusal is attached below.

Following on from the refusal, an appeal was made to the Planning Inspectorate, which argued against the Planning Departments reasons for refusal with regard to their own planning guidelines

The Planning Inspector agreed with our arguments made for allowing the Appeal and gave formal Planning Permission for the loft conversion.

A copy of the Planning Inspectors Decision Notice is attached below.


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